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Expert in French public relations / relations presse / relations publiques

We're a US-based startup running two new insurance-related websites in France. Our sites are dedicated to providing independent insurance information to consumers from their point of view, not from the insurance companies'. We are developing a series of innovative online products for this purpose (not launched yet) as well some proprietary research which we would like to promote to traditional and online media outlets.
We are looking to build a relationship with an expert in French public relations. Early projects will be modest (promoting some proprietary content) but we expect this to grow with the company.
We need somebody who can
1. Secure write-ups for our sites, products and content with the traditional press and media, as well as major online news sites
2. Help generate buzz in social networks such as Twitter, Facebook and others.
3. Come up with innovative promotion strategies that can hep shape our product and content development
4. Speak or at least write English

Budget estimated by the contractor:depends on experience
Date of beginning:5/4/2011
Duration estimated by the contractor: 2+ months
Geographical location of the assignment: Remote work - can be anywhere.
Case which corresponds most to the contractor's current situation: Nous avons un véritable besoin et cherchons un prestataire pour y répondre car nous avons décidé de faire réaliser notre projet

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